Limited Edition Shirts & Clothing

WhereIsTheWall (WITW) is a clothing brand for open minded individuals, who value their own freedoms as much as they value other peoples' liberties. We are a brand created to protect your mind against political and ordinary stupidity, radicalism, racism, xenophobia and against nasty thoughts which would damage your intellect.

We do unique, hand drawn pattern, limited edition t-shirts and clothing. Each line of the WITW shirts marked as "Limited Edition" is produced only in 999 copies. Each and every t-shirt has an unique number in our system and its authenticity can be checked and confirmed. We aim to sell only one t-shirt model of its kind per person. If you have already bought one and you want to make a present to someone, please just buy a gift card and we will send you an unique code which you could present to anyone you want.

Where Is The Wall (WITW) is an online enterprise owned by Host Color LLC, a company with 20 years business history in the digital economy. WITW is a small business and our team represents different philosophy from all those corporations obsessed with profits whose only purposes to grow as bigger as they can, while producing and selling cheap uninspiring clothing that leaves you feeling bored.